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This project thanks for its realization to Internal Grant Agency of Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (project registration number 20174213).

This database of traits has been founded and will be developed and updated to provide us with more understanding to interaction between dragonflies and their habitats. This purpose can help us with the protection of the endangered species.


Species list: includes species classification and center of distribution
Size and dispersal: Body Size, Hind wing length, Body mass of larvae and adults, Relative dispersal activity
Food and habitat: Trophic level, Hunting abilities, Habitat preference
Reproduction: Hibernation, Activity Time, Reproduction time

The database allows for comprehensive and complex search queries across several fields. Each row in the result set can be opened in a detailed view on odonate data with option to add new data. Search results including all relevant database contents may be downloaded in CSV format.
In addition, a new database records can be added to the database using a web formular.


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The copyright for carabid data records generally belongs to the authors who have created this data before, e.g. Dijkstra & Lewington 2006. Reference is provided for each data sample.

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